A quick look at Cartier’s new watches for 2021

Cartier has always been a cash cow for the Richemont Group and naturally there are many new models for 2021, with six collections updated at Watches & Wonders, including the Cartier Libre, Cartier Privé, Pasha de Cartier, Santos de Cartier+ Santos Dumont, Tank Must de Cartier, Ballon Bleu and the Panthère jewellery collection. We have selected the highlights to introduce you to them.

The ‘Light and Power’ Tank Must de Cartier

Probably the most iconic rectangular watch, the Tank Must de Cartier was born in 1977 at the height of the quartz crisis, marking the first time that a tank watch was produced on an industrial scale and the first time that the model was not produced in precious metal. The design of the Tank Must for 2021 has been completely redeveloped while remaining faithful to the historic model. The proportions of the redesigned dial: refinement is the guiding force behind this new design. The watch dares to return to the ultimate classicism down to the smallest detail, with its precious pearl cabochon bracelet crown and the return of the traditional buckle on the leather strap version.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that the small and large versions of the Tank Must de Cartier are equipped with a photovoltaic cell movement, which succeeds in applying the photovoltaic principle to the dial of the Tank watch without altering its aesthetics. The trick: the Roman numerals on the dial are designed with clever openings whose opening allows the sun’s rays to reach the photovoltaic cell hidden beneath the dial. It took the development team two years to integrate this SolarBeat movement, which has a lifespan of over 16 years, into the Tank Must,replica cartier watches the first watch to benefit from this technology. It also comes with a strap made of non-animal materials, partly from Apple waste, in order to reduce its carbon footprint and respond to sustainable environmental initiatives. Price: from €2,510

Cartier Cloche de Cartier

This is the Cloche, the clock-shaped timepiece of 2021. After the Crash, the Tank Cintrée, the Tonneau and the Tank Asymétrique, the Cloche de Cartier becomes the fifth protagonist of the Cartier Privé collection.

The shape of the case is a signature feature of this piece. ” Cloche “, meaning French clock, first appeared in Cartier watches around 1920. It was so named because its silhouette when placed horizontally is reminiscent of a service clock on a counter.

Available only in yellow gold and white gold and platinum, it features a “chemin de fer” minute ring and Roman numerals. The aesthetics are highly refined and particularly pleasing. The balance of the dial elements blends perfectly with the distinctive shape of the case. The case measures 37.15 x 28.75 mm, which in our opinion works well on a small to medium sized wrist. And has a 1917 MC hand-wound mechanical movement with a power reserve of 38 hours when fully wound.

Cartier 40mm Ballon Bleu

The Ballon Bleu is a classic Cartier watch, and the latest version features a new 40 mm case diameter. The movement is now the self-winding calibre 1847 MC. The much-loved case shape remains the same, while the fluted crown is protected by curved bridges. The crown is set with a synthetic spinel cabochon. The dial is silvered guilloché, contrasting with the Roman numerals and blued steel sword-shaped hands.

The previous version of the Blue Balloon with self-winding movement was only available in 42mm or 36mm. Now the new 2021 model is not too big, not too small… Just right. With its exclusive quick-release functional bracelet, one can expect another wave of sales to follow.

Pasha de Cartier Chronograph

Since its introduction in 1985, the Pasha has been a highly sought-after people’s watch thanks to its unique code, its chain crown and its exceptional design.The new Pashade Cartier, successfully launched in 2020,replica watches is a combination of watchmaking features and design details that are superbly combined to enhance and maximise its ergonomic appeal: interchangeable straps, a sapphire caseback, new crown and personalised engraving. A highly sought-after watch, the 2021 features two new key designs: from a more feminine 30 mm version to a more masculine 41 mm chronograph, the latter being the focus of attention.

The new Cartier Chronograph has been specifically measured to enhance the functionality and visibility of the Pasha watch. The presence of a rotating bezel and two push-button pieces highlight a powerful approach that further enhances the watch’s design. True to the historical versions of the first Pasha chronographs, the two pushers with cabochon convex face maintain the volume of the original design. The choice of style is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the Pasha de Cartier.

This new chronograph is equipped with the 1904-CH MC Cartier Manufacture movement with a 47-hour power reserve and a sapphire caseback. Made in steel or 18-carat yellow gold, all these versions of the strap are interchangeable thanks to the QuickSwitch system strap developed by Cartier, which can be activated with a single press. Thanks to the SmartLink system, it is also possible to adjust the metal bracelet to the closest link without the use of tools.

A timeless classic Discover the new ultra-thin Cartier Tank 2012

As a classic Cartier model for almost a century, the Tank has become a timeless expression of modernity. The tank has become a timeless expression of Cartier’s Cheap Cartier watches modern style. Many of its admirers have also commented on its Art Deco styling, which softens the rectangular lines and rounds the sharp angles of the watch. At 5.1 mm thick, it is the thinnest model in the Tank family, with even clearer lines.

A timeless classic Discover the new ultra-thin Cartier Tank 2012

The overall appearance of the Cartier Tank continues the Tank’s DNA, with its slender 40mm x 34.92mm case made up of proportionate elements, and its 5.1mm thickness making it the thinnest Tank ever made.

A timeless classic Discover the new ultra-thin Cartier Tank 2012

The 18-carat pink gold case with white dial, 40 mm x 30.92 mm, continues the classic rectangular dial design of the Tank and is water-resistant to 20 meters. The Tank W1560017 features the classic design of black hour markers with Roman numerals and orbital markers, elements that date back to the first generation of tanks introduced in 1917, which seems to herald a return to the 2012 collection.

The 2012 tank follows the line’s most common recent Blue Dragon sword-shaped hands, which those familiar with Cartier will know were originally shaped like a pear,replica submariner only to be replaced by the current sword-shaped hands in 1936. The classic Cartier logo at 12 o’clock also reveals the watch’s origins. The biggest breakthrough of the Tank W1560017 is its slimness of 5.1 mm, while the iconic sapphire-set crown has become a recognizable feature of the watch.

A timeless classic Discover the new ultra-thin Cartier Tank 2012

The choice of bracelet remains unchanged, with its elegant, semi-matte brown alligator strap, its pink gold case and its classic tank “DNA” giving it a more integrated look.

The hand-wound Cartier caliber 430MC oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a power reserve of 40 hours.

The 18-carat pink gold material is sure to break the 100,000 mark in price, and if you are a buyer of elegant watches,Rolex Replica Watches the Cartier Tank will be on your short list. The new 2012 Tank has the advantage of a 40mm x 34.92mm diameter, making it suitable for almost any wrist size, and the magic element ratio has become one of Cartier’s most accepted features.

Simple elegance. Cartier Santos-Dumont watch.

2019 Geneva Watch Show] The Santos is a Cartier masterpiece, a collection inspired by flight pioneer Albert Santos Dumont, who ordered the first modern watch from Louis Cartier in 1904 The new Santos-Dumont, represented by Albert Santos-Dumont, Cheap Cartier watches continues the spirit of excellence, style and passion of the aerospace pioneer who conquered the skies.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch with sapphire crown

The new Santos-Dumont on an alligator leather strap is a refined and subtle timepiece, faithful to the elegance of Albert Santos-Dumont’s original 1904 model. The replica yacht master new model in 18-carat pink gold with Roman numerals, exposed screws and a bead-shaped winding crown adorned with blue cabochons continues the legacy of Cartier’s iconic watchmaking masterpiece.

Dial details of the new Cartier Santos-Dumont watch

The simplicity of the new Santos-Dumont watch is a reflection of Albert Santos-Dumont’s modern style: he always dresses smartly for any occasion, from his suit and waistcoat, bowler hat, collar, trousers and cap worn backwards.

Cartier’s new Santos-Dumont watch, small model

Cartier’s geometric square case, symbolising the four legs of the Eiffel Tower as seen from above, echoes the geometric architecture of Paris, which favours purity of simplicity and perfect symmetry. Emblematic of the modern design revolution of the early 20th century, this watch transcends the confines of its time, eschewing the rounded pocket-watch shapes of the time to emphasize its clean, straight lines.

When flying, Albert Santos-Dumont always wore goggles and a custom-made jacket that connected the various cables to the rudder. He values comfort and practicality without losing elegance. Likewise, practicality has played a decisive role in the development of the Santos-Dumont watch, and for 2019, Cartier has equipped fake rolex watches the new Santos-Dumont watch with a highly efficient quartz movement with a lifespan of around six years, twice as long as a traditional quartz movement. To this end, the Cartier workshops have redesigned and resized the movement in order to reduce its power consumption and equip it with a new high-performance battery.

Cartier Introductory Classic

Cartier Introductory Classic

Cartier’s origins as a jewellery brand have produced some of the most iconic models in the history of the wristwatch, the Santos of 1904 being considered the world’s first Cheap Cartier watches wristwatch. This year, Cartier launched a series of amazing models in the field of fine watchmaking, the most famous being the celestial tourbillon. The recently launched 1904 MC is the first self-winding movement to be developed in-house, and the Cartier Calibur collection is Cartier’s first “Men Only” collection.

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER W7100056 watch

Brand background.

  Cartier’s origins as a jewellery brand have produced some of the most iconic models in the history of the wristwatch, the Santos of 1904 being considered the world’s first wristwatch. This year, Cartier launched a series of amazing models in the field of fine watchmaking, the most famous being the celestial tourbillon. The recently launched 1904 MC is the first self-winding movement to be developed in-house, and its Calibre collection is Cartier’s first “Men Only” collection.

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER W7100056 watch

  Details of the models.

  The opening Calibre de Cartier, with a strong body of 42 mm, marching under the shape, contains the brand’s usual meticulous craftsmanship, like the layers on the surface is very rich. The Santos was made by Cartier for his best friend to wear during his hot air balloon flight. The Calibre de Cartier is equipped with the 1904 MC movement, which, although simple in function, shows a genuine effort in construction and polishing. It has two barrel drums and a 48-hour power reserve.

Childhood again CLÉ DE CARTIER Key collection

It’s fun to reminisce about childhood, because the memories that stick out are often the embarrassing scenes, the secret mischievousness and the ridiculous behavior of desperately trying to grow up. But beyond that, I can’t forget the hourly chimes in my Cheap Cartier watches grandmother’s room and how she opened the door underneath the wall clock and used the key to wind it up. The clock, which should have been obsolete in the modern style of decoration, was treasured by my grandmother as a symbol of her memories. (Watch model: WJCL0031)

Childhood again CLÉ DE CARTIER Key collection

Always innovative and avant-garde, Cartier has looked to the past for inspiration, to an era when watches were wound and set the time with keys. Combining this source of inspiration, Cartier has reinterpreted the modern crown and created a winding crown that resembles the way it was historically wound. This new sapphire-set crown became the hallmark of the collection, hence the name Clé de Cartier. The new Clé de Cartier watches with glossy fuchsia crocodile leather straps are a dream come true, like a mauve dream.

Cartier Key Collection WJCL0031

As time goes on and on, the memory of our childhood becomes more and more blurred, the year when we laughed and the year when we fell down. The Clé de Cartier Key collection, with its nostalgic design, seems to recall a time when keys were used for winding and setting the time, bringing us back to our childhood.

The 31 mm case in 18-carat pink gold is perfect for a slender wrist. The dial features a guilloché dial with sunburst effect, 10 brilliant-cut round-cut diamonds as hour markers, sword-shaped blued steel hands and a date window at 6 o’clock.

Cartier Key Collection WJCL0031

The crown, which resembles a key and is topped with a sapphire in 18-carat rose gold, is the finishing touch to the watch. The crown, which must be unscrewed in order to wind the watch or to set the time, resembles the winding key of an old watch. After winding or setting the watch, the crown is returned to its original position with a pleasant “click”.

This watch is equipped with the new Cartier 1847MC caliber, a refined self-winding movement developed, crafted and assembled by master watchmakers at Cartier’s Swiss Watchmaking Workshop. It takes its name from the year 1847, the year in which the brand was founded, and reflects the exceptional care and attention that Cartier has devoted to this movement. The 25.6 mm diameter, Côtes de Genève-decorated movement is self-winding in both directions and has a power reserve of 40 hours.

Only exquisite watchmaking techniques can stand the test of time, and only watches that stand the test of time can be treasured as collector’s items that seal memories. With a history of nearly one hundred and seventy years, Cartier’s constant innovation in design and its relentless pursuit of precision and accuracy make this dream watch a collectable memory.

The Art of Time by Cartier

Cartier has a very special meaning to me and is my favorite brand, bar none. The biggest misconception that Chinese people have about Cartier today is that it is the Cheap Cartier watches same as a “fashion watch”. The dial of the watch bears the logos of both brands, with different codes in their respective product archives, much like today’s code sharing between airlines.

Calibre de Cartier Diver 42mm Mens Watch WSCA0006
Calibre de Cartier Diver 42mm Mens Watch WSCA0006

My first encounter with Cartier was in 1998, when Chinese people’s understanding of modern luxury was still a blank slate. Cartier also started to do some tentative PR activities in Beijing that year. As the purchasing power of the Chinese people was still very weak, Cartier started by promoting the cheapest items in its line. The myth that Cartier was a fashion watch probably fell into place at that time. Cartier is a system, a kingdom, and once you enter it, you begin a strange journey.

Calibre de Cartier Diver watch 42mm steel rubber
Calibre de Cartier Diver watch 42mm steel rubber

The history of the Cartier brand began in 1847 when a Parisian, Louis-François Cartier, gave up his family’s powder keg business to become a jeweler in his own right. From the outset, the jeweler’s workshop had a strict identity – to serve only an exclusive clientele, and it soon became the favorite of Europe’s aristocracy and royalty; in other words, the brand’s association with prestige and luxury was unchanged from the very beginning. The company later moved to 13 Rue de la Paix in Paris, near the famous Place Vendôme, which is still the home of Cartier’s worldwide headquarters.

Cartier Tank Anglaise Large Model 18K pink gold and steel
Cartier Tank Anglaise Large Model 18K pink gold and steel

Three generations of Cartier families worked tirelessly to bring the company to its peak at the beginning of the 20th century. The key figure in this phase was Louis-Joseph Cartier (1875-1942), often referred to as Louis Cartier, whose creativity and management talent laid the foundations for the brand’s status, design style and countless legends. Another great achievement of Joseph’s time at the head of Cartier Paris (when two of the founder’s grandsons opened Cartier London and Cartier New York) was in the field of watchmaking, where the company’s expertise in jewellery-making was fully applied to its products. In addition, a keen eye for the market and the strategic decision that “watches would inevitably replace pocket watches” made the Cartier brand unique in the history of watchmaking. What is even more surprising is that in the first half of the 20th century, Cartier was in close contact with almost every major watch brand of the time, to the extent that Patek Philippe and Rolex, among others, produced special commemorative models for the brand. Antique watch collectors will have to admit that special “Cartier” models from different brands have long been an important and precious collector’s item, a distinction hardly ever shared by any other brand.

Today, no other luxury brand offers such a wide range of watches at such a long price. At this point, it’s probably easy to understand why Cartier is often mistaken for a fashion watch, because it’s hard to appreciate the full picture when you’re blind. It’s hard to define what kind of company Cartier belongs to, as if Cartier knows everything. The interesting thing is that Cartier never puts out a fashion watch, and maybe that’s the difference between being a jeweler and a tailor. Cartier’s bottom line for clothing is: scarves, belts and cufflinks, never to cross the line again.

Cartier antiques have become an important evidence for the study of French art history and modern European history. Later on, I personally participated in more and more exhibitions of Cartier, including the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2009, Singapore in 2011, Shenyang in 2013 (Diocesan Art), and the Grand Palais in Paris in 2014 (Epic of Style). On July 18, 2014, Cartier’s “Art of Time” exhibition opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, hosted by the world-renowned maestro Yoshioka. Deren curated the exhibition. This has become the grandest haute horlogerie banquet held in China this year and the highlight of a series of cultural events marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China!

Cartier Santos Chronograph – A classic, a new interpretation.

One of Cartier’s most iconic collections, the Santos Chronograph was born out of a legend. The first modern wristwatch was created when Louis Cartier asked his friend, replica Cartier watches  Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont, to create a wristwatch that could be worn on the hand to check the time in flight. With its recognizable design and elegance, the Santos collection became a classic of its generation. Here we will take a look at one of the Santos watches as an example. (Watch Ref: WSSA0017)

Cartier Santos Chronograph – A classic, a new interpretation.

This Santos chronograph is equipped with a chronograph function and features chronograph pushers with a distinctive design, a push button at 9 o’clock to start and stop the chronograph, and a push button on the crown to return the watch to zero, giving the watch a more balanced and harmonious overall design.

The watch has a diameter of 43.3 mm and a case made of two different materials: ADLC carbon coated bezel and steel case, ADLC carbon coated bezel and steel case.

Cartier Santos Chronograph – A classic, a new interpretation.

The case and lugs are naturally connected, and the elegant lugs are curved to provide an ergonomic setting for a more comfortable fit. The heptagonal crown at 3 o’clock is set with a multi-faceted black synthetic spinel, echoing the square case, while the special chronograph pushers underline the brand’s watchmaking prowess and create a more balanced visual effect.

The dial is partitioned, with a brushed central square area and three function dials adorned with a snailed pattern, creating a striking contrast between the two. The classic Roman numerals are complemented by sword-shaped hands and a date window at 6 o’clock. The classic and elegant design is impressive, while the innovative design adds dynamism to the watch.

Cartier Santos Chronograph – A classic, a new interpretation.

The watch is fitted with a rubber strap and the push-button switch mechanism is fitted with a lighter lamella for greater comfort and ease of use. The QucikSwitch strap quick-change mechanism is also very practical, allowing the wearer to change straps easily and quickly for a variety of styles. The watch is powered by the Cartier 1904 CH MC, a self-winding movement developed by Cartier and equipped with two barrels, a guide column, a vertical clutch and a linear zeroing hammer – an ingenious mechanism that controls and coordinates the chronograph functions – and a power reserve of 48 hours when fully wound.

The Cartier Santos watch is one of the brand’s top-selling watches and is loved by many. This Cartier Santos chronograph watch is a worthy purchase with its high value, excellent performance and moderate price. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention to it.

Smell the fragrance and follow my heart Cartier tank watch

“Smell the fragrance to chase my heart”, is a Lancôme perfume advertising slogan that I often hear in the elevator or online in recent days, and I think it is very well said. I admit that as a fashionable woman must have her own style and taste, so just as men love cars and wine, women can’t escape the temptation of perfume and jewelry, Cartier as replica Cartier watches  the emperor of the jewelry industry of course also made top watches that can make women obsessed, their watches are the perfect combination of jewelry and watch technology, especially today we say the tank series was once by the world Amongst the many famous women, Princess Diana is strong, elegant and sexy, and Angelina Jolie is a famous actress.

Smell the fragrance and follow my heart Cartier tank watch

It’s a perfect piece of work, with Roman numerals, white porcelain dial and saber hands echoing the sapphire on the handle. No wonder so many famous women will be obsessed with it, wearing it to accompany them through the best moments of their lives. Let’s take a look at a few photos of the overall effect and hopefully you’ll understand why so many women are obsessed with this watch.

This Cartier I think has a lot of similarities to Calvin Klein’s CK one perfume, they are also both unobtrusive and unobtrusive without being stunning. But they are a timeless collection for the masses.

Smell the fragrance and follow my heart Cartier tank watch

If I had to put a Cartier tank and a Daisy perfume together, there would be a different kind of beauty, because Cartier is not stunning, not ostentatious, but at the same time it is its own personality.

The fragrance bag pulled down the price of Cartier, but sometimes girls still long for a pure a love, not all luxury goods can bring them happy, so as a man you should know what they really want.

Finally, let Calvin Klein luxury a bit, with our Cartier tank did a background. No matter how expensive it is, only you like it, even if it’s Cartier I just used it as the background, it couldn’t resist my photography assistant’s obsession with perfume so I had to meet her little request and let her perfume be the main character.

Smell the fragrance and follow my heart Cartier tank watch

Some people say that a person’s first impression on others is especially important. I don’t know if you have an impression of our “beautiful” tank today through the last set of photos. In fact, inner beauty is the most important thing, so let’s continue with the inner beauty of today’s “Beauty”!

The beautiful Champs-Élysées, the world’s most fashionable clothes, the Cannes Film Festival, the Eiffel Tower on the banks of the Seine and all kinds of luxury brands all come from this romantic city.

After all this, I am sure that we are all even more impressed by this “beauty” tank, as strong, elegant and sexy as Princess Diana, or as beautiful as Angelina Jolie, who is a timeless classic because of her simplicity, her elegance and her noble origins. May the past be cut short by this sharp blue sword, and may the future be as elegant as this tank watch.

The Key to Time opens the door to elegance Tasting the Cartier Key Collection in White Gold

Once praised by King Edward VII of England as “the Emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor”, Cartier’s long history of 170 years has made it the world’s leading jeweler and watchmaker, whose innovative ideas and exquisite designs have been admired and loved by countless royalty and celebrities. Cartier’s watches are instantly recognizable, especially its Key Collection, which is distinguished by its “abalone shell” case and square crown. (Reference: WGCL0005)

Cartier key series WGCL0005

Cartier’s Key series of watches are sleek and simple, named for the way they are wound as if a key were turning. It is a simple, pure and simple large three-hand watch with an elegant overall shape. The 18-carat white gold case is polished to a smoother, more metallic finish, and the sides of the watch have been designed to give it a more sophisticated look.

Cartier key series WGCL0005

A fine guilloché guilloché pattern is used on the silvered round dial in the center, with elegant and airy Roman numeral hour markers on the outer edge and a date window at 6 o’clock. The dark blue sword-shaped blued steel hands make reading the hours simple and straightforward, while the sapphire crystal on the case gives the watch maximum protection. The distinctive square-shaped crown on the side is very easy to use and is set with a blue spinel for a dark and mysterious look. When the watch is wound, the crown turns like a key.

Cartier key series WGCL0005

The lugs follow the design of the case in a natural curved shape, forming an integral part of the case and providing a smooth connection between the two, facilitating the fit of the watch and the wrist. The classic black strap is made of alligator leather with black stitching around the edges, it’s well cut and perfectly detailed, and the leather strap is quite comfortable to wear. The strap is attached with a folding buckle in white gold, and the black leather strap and silver buckle give the watch an elegant and secure look.

The 1847 MC movement is housed in a caseback that is transparent and allows the viewer to admire the inner workings of the movement. The case back is screwed to the case and is made of metal with the same central sapphire crystal. Cartier’s watch serves as an elegant and simple men’s watch that can complement a man’s mature and steady style and is suitable for any social occasion. Also, Cartier’s key collection is simple and uncomplicated, and its unique shape can easily make you the center of attention of the crowd, making it very worthy of inclusion in my opinion.

A masterpiece. Discover the new Cartier Santos chronograph.

In 1904, replica Cartier watches designed the world’s first wristwatch for pilot Alberto Santos-Durman, the Cartier Santos. A watch that became a classic of the times. The Cartier Santos has impressed us with its square case design, its exposed screws, its iconic Roman numerals and much more. This year, Cartier is adding to this classic collection with the SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph equipped with a chronograph function, which is quite good in terms of value and performance. Let’s take a look at this watch. (Watch Ref: WSSA0017)

Cartier Santos Series WSSA0017.

Louis Cartier and the Brazilian pilot Mr. Albert Santos Dumont are good friends, because Albert Santos Dumont failed the flying challenge because his hands needed to control the plane and flawlessly pull out his pocket watch to see the time. Louis Cartier therefore created a watch for him, the first of its kind to be worn on the wrist in the world.

The Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph has a case made of stainless steel with an ADLC carbon bezel that is distinguished by eight exposed screws. The lugs, which are naturally attached to the case and can be seen from the side, are curved to fit the wrist better.

Cartier Santos Series WSSA0017.

The heptagonal crown at 3 o’clock is set with a multi-faceted black synthetic spinel. The crown is fitted with a reset button to reset the chronograph. The chronograph pushers are located on the other side of the watch and start and stop the chronograph. This gives the watch a more balanced look. The dial has a zoned dial design with a brushed central square area and three function dials decorated with a snailed pattern for a contrast. A date window at 6 o’clock is another useful addition to the watch.

The rubber strap features the patented QucikSwitch strap quick-change mechanism, which allows for quick and easy strap changes. New to this year’s straps is a push-button switch mechanism with a lighter, thinner piece for improved wearing comfort and convenience. Developed in-house by Cartier, the self-winding Calibre 1904 CH MC is equipped with two barrels, a guide column, vertical clutch and linear return to zero hammer forming a subtle mechanism for controlling and coordinating the chronograph function and has a power reserve of 48 hours.

Cartier Santos Series WSSA0017.

With its simple and elegant design, the watch brings to life the elegance of the original 1904 historic model. The Cartier Santos has written a legend in the watch world that continues to live on. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention to it.