Introduction to the Cartier calibre metal bracelet watch

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100015

The Calibre de Cartier collection is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after collections of Cartier watches. Equipped with all Cartier movements, the collection is Cheap Cartier watches made up of a floating tourbillon, a central chronograph and a small three-hand calendar. It is the small seconds calendar that is the most versatile of all. Unfortunately, it has only been available in belt versions. At the SIHH Salon de la Haute Horlogerie, Cartier unveiled the Calibre de Cartier small seconds date watch in a steel bracelet version.

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100016

Like the leather strap version, the Calibre de Cartier small seconds calendar watch is equipped with Cartier’s in-house Calibre 1904-PS MC, a self-winding movement with hours, minutes and seconds display and date functions. It is composed of 186 parts and 27 stones. The frequency is 28,800 vph and the power reserve is 48 hours. The calendar remains at 3 o’clock and the crown is also a seven-sided sapphire-set crown

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100036

There are three metal bracelet models available, the rose gold model has an 18k rose gold bezel with a white dial and steel case, and the gold bracelet is steel/rose gold. The all-steel model is available with black or white dials, and the case, bezel and bracelet are all made of steel.

A masterpiece. Discover the new Cartier Santos chronograph.

In 1904, Cheap Cartier watches designed the world’s first wristwatch for pilot Alberto Santos-Durman, the Cartier Santos. A watch that became a classic of the times. The Cartier Santos has impressed us with its square case design, its exposed screws, its iconic Roman numerals and much more. This year, Cartier is adding to this classic collection with the SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph equipped with a chronograph function, which is quite good in terms of value and performance. Let’s take a look at this watch. (Watch Ref: WSSA0017)

Cartier Santos series WSSA0017 watch (Cartier Santos series chronograph)

Louis Cartier and the Brazilian pilot Mr. Albert Santos Dumont are good friends, because Albert Santos Dumont failed the flying challenge because his hands needed to control the plane and flawlessly pull out his pocket watch to see the time. Louis Cartier therefore created a watch for him, the first of its kind to be worn on the wrist in the world.

Cartier Santos series WSSA0017 watch (Cartier Santos series chronograph)

The Cartier SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph has a case made of stainless steel with an ADLC carbon bezel that is distinguished by eight exposed screws. The lugs, which are naturally attached to the case and can be seen from the side, are curved to fit the wrist better.

The heptagonal crown at 3 o’clock is set with a multi-faceted black synthetic spinel. The crown is fitted with a reset button to reset the chronograph. The chronograph pushers are located on the other side of the watch and start and stop the chronograph. This gives the watch a more balanced look.

Cartier Santos series WSSA0017 watch (Cartier Santos series chronograph)

The dial has a zoned dial design with a brushed central square area and three function dials decorated with a snailed pattern for a contrast. A date window at 6 o’clock is another useful addition to the watch.

The rubber strap features the patented QucikSwitch strap quick-change mechanism, which allows for quick and easy strap changes. New to this year’s straps is a push-button switch mechanism with a lighter, thinner piece for improved wearing comfort and convenience. Developed in-house by Cartier, the self-winding Calibre 1904 CH MC is equipped with two barrels, a guide column, vertical clutch and linear return to zero hammer forming a subtle mechanism for controlling and coordinating the chronograph function and has a power reserve of 48 hours.

With its simple and elegant design, the watch brings to life the elegance of the original 1904 historic model. The Cartier Santos has written a legend in the watch world that continues to live on. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention to it.

The Cartier CALIBRE W7100041 is a discreet watch.

Today, we bring you a watch without diamonds, without precious metals, in pure steel, which weakens the sense of luxury, but strengthens the practical performance, it is the “Cartier CALIBRE W7100041” from the famous Cartier watch production.
From the outside, it will certainly not be the most prestigious of the replica Cartier watches family, but it will certainly be the pride of the family. The official model number is W7100041.
It is an all-steel watch and she comes from the CALIBRE DE CARTIER collection. The collection itself is designed with great attention to functionality as well as substance. The advantage of steel watches is that they are more resistant to wear and tear than precious metals, which means that they are less delicate. This men’s watch has a powerful look.

The Cartier CALIBRE W7100041 is a discreet watch..

In keeping with the Cartier family’s crown design, this watch also features a magnificent sapphire embedded in the crown. I wonder if the sapphire blue color that was once so popular in the fashion world is the same color as the Cartier stone. It looks, so pure in beauty.

The Cartier CALIBRE W7100041 is a discreet watch..

The back movement is nothing new among those who love mechanical watches, but the sight of a back movement, without having to see the dial, gives connoisseurs or enthusiasts an idea of what a good or bad watch is and what it means to a master watchmaker.
The silver-colored steel case and black alligator leather strap are cool. This aesthetic combination will appeal to men who are both tough and gentlemanly.
On the side of the watch, on the crown side, we can see how smooth and polished the steel case is. The seemingly imperceptible shine of the case reveals a hazy, frosted aesthetic that makes you want to touch it.

The Cartier CALIBRE W7100041 is a discreet watch..

Together with the atmospheric dial, the lugs are also remarkable in their design. As this is a relatively thicker model, it demands a higher level of comfort in the lugs. The lugs are curved to accommodate a wide variety of men’s wrists, allowing them to move freely and at the same time fitting comfortably into the curves of stretched or recurved skin.
The diameter of the watch is 42 mm. The dial is black, the hour markers with white transferred Roman numerals are clear and elegant, the hands are black oxidized steel hands in a luminous sword shape, and there is a date window at 3 o’clock and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock. It is functional enough to meet daily needs.
Many people think it makes no sense to separate the small seconds hand from the hour and minute hands. However, people with a keen eye for detail often prefer to have the hands this way. It enhances the aesthetics of the dial.
Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER series W7100041 mechanical men’s watch adopts ETA2892-A2 as the base movement, after re-improved and polished Cal.1904-PS MC exquisite self-winding mechanical movement, unprecedented timing accuracy, and performance stability in one, I think no one will refuse it!
Have a few grains of sand glittered in the pupil’s eyes as the panning has become the passing years of life? The person or thing that became eternal in the course of your life must have shed tears of great joy and great sorrow. If Cartier had been involved in the process, it might have ended the same way, but the process would have been full of texture.

Elegance and refinement – Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Collection

Founded in France in 1847,replica Cartier watches is a world leader in the fields of jewellery, watches and accessories, and has been honoured by King Edward VII of England. Praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, the jeweler’s emperor”, the company has written the history of the world’s jewelry and watch design and production with its innovative ideas and ingenious designs. The history of the world’s jewellery and watch design is written with its innovative ideas and ingenious designs, and has been honoured by countless royalty and aristocrats. It is revered and loved by celebrities and aristocrats. Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER watches are not only excellent in performance, but also exquisite and prestigious in appearance. Today, the Maison brings you an elegant and noble Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER watch. The official model number is WHRO0002.

Elegance and refinement – Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Collection

The round dial of this watch features blue sword-shaped hour and minute hands to indicate the time, as well as the date, day of the week and month functions.

The round case, 40 mm in diameter and 13.26 mm thick, is crafted in 18-carat pink gold and features an elegant white gold interior. Dial and blue hands, covered with sapphire crystal. The watch is fitted with an elegant and distinguished brown strap with a folding clasp. It is a beautifully designed and crafted watch with an elegant and distinguished design.

Elegance and refinement – Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Collection

The side of the watch is flanked by a round crown adorned with a round black jewel, and the sides are decorated with a tooth pattern that makes the design aesthetically pleasing and easy to grip.

The watch is fitted on a supple and tough brown alligator leather strap, which is well cut with brown stitching around the edges and features a natural-looking pattern that makes it comfortable to wear and elegant.

Elegance and refinement – Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Collection

The 13.26 thick case has a rounded shape and a polished surface that gives it a lustrous finish. The curved bezel gives the watch a more three-dimensional look.

The reddish gold case is decorated with a white dial. The white dial features black Roman numerals, a window showing the date at 12 o’clock and the month at 6 o’clock. The day of the week is displayed in a window on the outer edge of the dial. On the outer edge of the dial, the day of the week is displayed in the form of an aperture. The center of the dial is decorated with delicate radiating waves, the hour-markers on the outer bezel are meticulously polished, and the outermost edge is a window. The different design treatment of the three clocks gives the dial a more structured and well-arranged look.

It is evident that the dial is beautifully textured, with a meticulous attention to detail in both the delineation of the lines and the polishing of the dial surface. The date is shown on a large date display, while the month at 6 o’clock is shown in a semi-curved window. The day of the week on the outer edge of the dial is rounded off with a stripe on the base.

The lugs, which are rounded, polished and slightly curved, are screwed to the bracelet to reinforce the strap and make it more comfortable to wear.

The bracelet is linked by a folding clasp in pink gold that opens and closes easily, making it easy to put on and keep off.

The case back, with its back-to-back crystal, has a pink gold flange engraved with the brand’s logo and a number of parameters. The mirror reveals the internal movement, beautifully detailed. The caseback is screwed to the case and the movement inside is an automatic mechanical movement with stability and precision.

The elegant and beautiful body of the watch is made of noble rose gold, and houses a mechanical automatic movement of exceptional precision.

Presentation of the Cartier Caliber Collection

The replica Calibre watches de Cartier Calibre continues a century of Cartier fearlessness. A perfect balance of power and aesthetics, the perfect blend of exquisite detailing and watchmaking expertise. The masculine charm of this timepiece. The roundness of the case, the robustness of the large-diameter dial and the oversized Roman hour markers are complemented by the 120 fine hour markers. The indexes and the 28-degree naturally sloping bezel are a testament to the watch’s sophistication. On the reverse side of the watch, the movement is decorated with a transparent sapphire crystal that will take the watch enthusiast’s breath away. fascination.

Presentation of the Cartier Caliber Collection

  Its self-winding mechanical movement, the 1904 MC, was born out of the depth of Cartier’s watchmaking expertise and the expertise of its master watchmakers. A tireless effort. Like the world’s first wristwatch, created by Cartier in 1904, the Calibre de Once again, the CARTIER Calibre collection breaks new ground in the history of timekeeping by uniting unprecedented precision and performance stability. One body.

Presentation of the Cartier Caliber Collection

 CALIBRE DE CARTIER, stainless steel model, stainless steel bracelet, black dial

Presentation of the Cartier Caliber Collection

  Cartier’s expertise and passion for excellence have given rise to a world of legends that combines the masculine and feminine in its designs.